With or without a cover?

Our test show that for daily and interior use, it is preferable not to have a cover (less smell).


Would the bag tear?

No. What happens from time to time is that that bag could have some small holes, but nothing that could tear the bag. 


Where will it be build?

In Switzerland and in France, the assembly is in Switzerland.


Olifan's measurements

Olifan mesures 80cm high and the base is 30cm x 30cm. With the levers up 120cm.

The container is adapted to the 17L bag. It mesures 40cm high, 20cm wide and 28cm long.


Do you need strength to use it?

No, you simply need to lean on the levers, and your weight will be multiplied by 5 times. 

A person weighing 50kg, produces 250kg of power on his waste. Be aware that the maximum weight someone can put on the levers is 100kg, thus more than 500kg on the systems could damage it.


Why did we use a 17 litres container and not a 35 litres container?

The reason is weight. The 17L bag averages 4 to 5 kilos. A 35L would weight 10 kilos.


Three years of development?

After a successful crowdfunding in 2015, we created 20 prototypes. They were tested during more than a year by over forty households in 2016. We reviewed the design in 2017 and we are now ready for our first production.


Warranty and after sales support?

The warranty is of 5 years.


Tester in action with the 2016 prototype