Waste Allocation Systems

Ready to start the journey that will solve your waste volume?


Thanks to your help the first OLIFANs were produced!
Only a few left.


Olifan is a simple, powerful and durable product.



Compact more than 60 litres of waste in a 17 litre container! Simply press the levers and your weight is multiplied by 5, which also allows you to compact aluminium cans in bulk.

A person weighing 60 kg compacts on average 3.7x the initial volume. A person weighing 90kg compact on average 4.4x the initial volume.




Build to last!

100% Mechanical and metal components.

Clean, safe and effortless way to compact your waste.




Container 100% adapted to 17L!

The container is perfectly adapted to the official 17 litre bag.

It is in two parts to facilitate the exit of the bag once compacted (the bag weighs on average 4-5kg).

The current container works just as well for household waste as for plastics, aluminium or cardboard.


Our first production is Swiss made


What Can I buy?

The Original

The Original with a cover

One ou more containors