I want one! And I pay by wire transfer

Beneficiary  :    Waste Allocation Systems SA
Bank :                Post Finance
BIC :                  POFICHBEXXX
Account :          CH81 0900 0000 4521 8397 6
Address :          Les Ducats 40b, 1350 Orbe
CCP - Red :       45-218397-6

Please provide the following information, ideally by e-mail (info@was-e.com), if not in commentary with the transfer:

  • what you ordered (Olifan, Olifan and its lid, container)
  • delivery address (if different from the transfer address)
  • your e-mail or phone number

We will confirm your order by e-mail within 3-5 days after payment.

Please add 20.- chf for the shipping

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